KNOCKAROUND: The day in the life of a KnockFan.

Disclaimer: I received the Knockaround Neon Summers (Fast Lanes) to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”

I live in Florida, so I spend a considerable amount of time in the sun. As a runner, I tend to favor the morning or lunch runs. This means a minimum of an hour, sometimes more, exposed in the elements. Upon relocating to Florida I learned quickly there are two necessities: first, a good lotion with SPF, and second, sunglasses. I , like many people, have a drawer full of sunglasses. Some expensive, some cheap and some free promotional items from a local business.

The Knockaround Neon Summers were received for purposes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.

I would never call myself a “sunglasses” guy. In other words, I really didn’t wear them all the time although I had them with me all the time. I am in my early-40s and I NEVER wore sunglasses running or training. Why you ask? Because sunglasses have always bothered me. They slip continuously when the sweat starts flowing. They gave me a weird twinge on my nose and ears during training or they fit too tight and bother the side of my head above the ears. Sweat and salt water would tarnish the lenses. These constant annoyances distracted me during training. This all changed when I received my KNOCKAROUND NEON SUMMERS!

As a BibRave Pro I had the opportunity to try out the Knockaround sunglasses. Knockaround has multiple styles of sunglasses, special releases and collaborative releases throughout the year. Knockaround has pre-designed sunglasses under each style. BUT it also has a function to allow the consumer to build their own sunglasses. The consumer chooses the style and then proceeds to design their sunglasses. You can mix and match colors and patterns for each arm and the fronts as well as choosing the type of lenses. This function is a lot of fun to play with when trying to find your style. I encourage you to visit their website and play with the design function.

I received the Neon Summers (Fast Lanes Style) which is a pre-designed pair. Think early Miami Vice, and I liked that a lot!! I received them on April 1st and immediately put them to use so I could provide a honest review. The first thing I notices was these sunglasses are light. Run after run and use after use I did not get the twinge or fatigue I got from other sunglasses. The second thing I noticed was they fit comfortably snug. There has been zero slipping due to sweat or bouncing. Further I had no noticeable pressure from the arms. I was able to focus on my training and not continually messing with my sunglasses. Since receiving them I have worn them for every daytime run because I want too. Finally it has withstood sweat, rain and water without damaging the lenses.

Beers, sunset and sunglasses.

My Knockaround Neon Summers (Fast Lanes Style) are functional and stylish everyday glasses. It is also the perfect running/training sunglasses for me. I honestly forget I am wearing them sometimes. Finally, Knockaround has the best styles to choose from and are highly customizable to the individual consumer. If you are in the market for an awesome pair of sunglasses that you will never want to take off, the Knockaround sunglasses are for you.

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